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  • 1/17/2017

    The contract position of national coordinator of officials is the NCAA’s ongoing commitment to improving the overall quality and consistency of officiating throughout collegiate volleyball. The NCAA volleyball officiating program (VOP) helps promote better communication between officials, conferences, coaches and the NCAA, and helps provide consistency in the interpretation of NCAA volleyball rules and officiating mechanics. Additionally, the national coordinator assists the NCAA volleyball committees in the identification, training, selection and evaluation of officials for the NCAA volleyball championships.  Click here for duties and responsibilities.  If interested, apply by February 3.

  • 11/16/2016

    Please click the VIDEO Tab to view 2016 Volleyball New Signal - CRS Inconclusive Signal.

  • 10/3/2016

    2016 NCAA Volleyball You Make the Call 2 (Eligibility Requirement) is now available.  Please view for credit by October 16.

    Click the link below to be taken to your Eligibility Center.  In your Eligibility Center, click "View Clinic" under your registration category, either "PAVO Standard" or "Non-PAVO."


  • 9/13/2016

    2016 NCAA Volleyball VolleyCast 1 - Elimination of the Pursuit Rule (Eligibility Requirement) is now available.  This VolleyCast will review the changes in mechanics and techniques regarding the elimination of the pursuit rule. 

    VolleyCasts are required for postseason consideration.  You will have one week to view VolleyCast 1.  Please view for credit by October 16.

    Click the link below to be taken to your Eligibility Center.  In your Eligibility Center, click "View Clinic" under your registration category, either "PAVO Standard" or "Non-PAVO."


  • 8/25/2016

    The season is upon us!

    The 2016 collegiate volleyball season is here.   By now, you all should have attended a NCAA/PAVO clinic.  The attendee evaluations indicate that the clinic was a success.  A special thanks to the clinicians who gave up their weekends to present this important information. Kudos go out to Wade DuBois for providing us with some great tips and techniques for the R2 de-escalation segment.

    Many of you will get to experience the Challenge Review System (CRS) for the first time this season.  Although it may seem a little scary, embrace the challenge. The NEW CRS documents are now on the central hub.   Be sure to look for updates and new interpretations during the season.  Don’t be afraid to reach out to fellow officials who have already worked a CRS match.  

    The new blue and gray uniforms are now available.  Make sure you check with your assignor or coordinator for their conference policy regarding the new uniforms.  For post-season it is preferred that officials have all 3 uniform color options.

    If you would like to be considered for post-season please review the information and requirements under the postseason tab on the Central Hub.

    Anne Pufahl
    NCAA National Coordinator of Volleyball Officials
    Secretary-Rules Editor
    NCAA Women’s Volleyball Rules Committee

  • 8/3/2016

    Welcome to the Central Hub. I hope you are ready for another great volleyball season. I am pleased and honored to fill in as the NCAA National Coordinator for the 2016 season.  I know I have some enormous shoes to fill, but I hope to continue the training and education that has become the hallmark of the volleyball Central Hub. 

    I am excited to take this journey with all of you. Please make sure and check the Hub often.  Take advantage of the information provided, whether it is a Rules Interpretation, information/videos from the clinic, a VolleyCast or  a quiz.  You owe it to yourself, your crew, the players and coaches to be current and compliant with the rules and techniques that will be highlighted throughout the season. 

    Nothing has changed regarding postseason eligibility.  In order to be considered for Division I, II, or III postseason competition, referees must:

    -Register with the NCAA annually by September 1.
    -Attend an annual NCAA/PAVO clinic.
    -Take and pass Form A or Form B exam on or before September 1 with a 90% or better within the allotted 90 minutes.
    -View all of the current season VolleyCasts “eligibility versions” by October 15.

    For Division I, a referee must have worked ten Division I matches and worked four matches for the nominating Division I conference coordinator, both in the current season.

    For Division II, a referee must have worked ten Division I/Division II matches in the current season, with at least one match in Division II.

    Looking forward to collaborating for a successful 2016 season!

    Anne Pufahl
    NCAA National Coordinator of Volleyball Officials
    Secretary-Rules Editor
    NCAA Women’s Volleyball Rules Committee

  • 8/2/2016

    Anne Pufahl has been named the 2016 NCAA National Coordinator of Volleyball Officials. Another outstanding women’s volleyball season is right around the corner and her term will be effective immediately and extend through the 2016 championship season. We want to thank Anne for agreeing to serve in this critical role for this championship season as she continues her duties as the NCAA Secretary-Rules Editor.

    A national search for this position will begin at the end of this season to fill this position moving forward. Thank you for being a critical part of the women’s volleyball officiating improvement program. If you have any recommendations for this position, ideas, or suggestions for improvement, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are looking forward to the upcoming season.

  • 7/6/2016

    The 2016 NCAA Women's Volleyball Rules Information video is now available on the VIDEO Tab.  Please review the rule changes, clarifications and techniques that will be viewed by NCAA coaches and administrators.  Also please be sure to register for a NCAA/PAVO Clinic.

  • 6/28/2016

    They're headed your way...soon! PAVO, the NCAA, and ArbiterSports are working together on the distribution of this annual packet - with shipments slated to begin by mid-July.

    It is the shared goal of all three entities to get the 2016-2017 versions of the NCAA Women's Volleyball Rules and Interpretations book and PAVO Women's Volleyball Officiating Manual into your hands in time for exams, which open on July 15, and NCAA/PAVO clinics, which open on July 23.

    It is an important year regarding rules and techniques/mechanics. The 2016-17 rules book was completed on schedule and can be downloaded now by clicking here.

    The PAVO manual update has faced some challenges. As soon as the final steps are completed on the manual, the Welcome Packets will be shipped on a first-registered, first-mailed basis.  

    We appreciate your patience as we await the naming of the new NCAA National Coordinator.

    We'll be sure to notify everyone, one more time, once distribution of the 2016 Welcome Packets begins!

  • 5/2/2016

    As you prepare for fall, registration on the NCAA hub is a perfect start and a necessary commitment to a good season. To demonstrate our commitment to you, we will continue to update the “Pregame” Central Hub to help you develop the knowledge and skills needed for top-notch officiating.

    Your “pre-game” responsibilities start with registration, clinic attendance, and completion of the exam. You are encouraged to visit the Hub regularly to access the latest news in volleyball officiating.

    As always, we welcome your suggestions, new ideas, and any thoughts you may have to make this site even better. Thanks again for your commitment to the institutions, coaches, players, and to officiating, your crew, and the game itself.

    Now let’s get started…

    The NCAA Volleyball Officiating Program is approaching its sixth year. The National Coordinator, Secretary-Rules Editor, Regional Advisors and PAVO help to develop the Central Hub website, which includes vital information for anyone who officiates volleyball matches using NCAA rules. The Central Hub will continue to be the only source for the NCAA/PAVO Form A/B Annual Examination, the NCAA rules interpretations, the National Coordinator Messages, the Line Judge Corner and other new and timely training tools. The NCAA/PAVO clinics are imperative to your preparation for the upcoming season. The coaches and athletes spend a great deal of time preparing for their season. You must take the time to fulfill your professional obligations and your pre-season responsibilities, as well.

    If you are not a PAVO member:

    On the Central Hub, click REGISTRATION, and then click "Non-PAVO Officials."

    Complete your registration and submit your registration fee. The fee is $150 for all divisions.

    If you are a PAVO member:

    ·  Pay your PAVO dues in the PAVO E-Store; the amount collected will include your NCAA/Arbiter registration cost.

    ·  After paying your PAVO dues, you will be prompted to go to the NCAA Volleyball Central Hub, where you will complete NCAA registration. You can always access the Central Hub later to make edits to your registration information, using the link in the “My Ref Kit” tab on the PAVO home page.

    Please note that paying your PAVO dues and completing your NCAA Volleyball Officials' registration are two separate steps.

    PAVO Membership:

    All PAVO members join the organization through a local association, called a PAVO Affiliated Board.  There are over 90 Affiliated Boards across the United States. 

    Standard PAVO members:

    Standard PAVO members are eligible for certification as a referee, line judge, and/or scorer, and pay $130 to PAVO/NCAA plus PAVO Affiliated Board dues. Standard members, who pay PAVO dues and complete the NCAA registration, will receive an NCAA Volleyball Welcome Packet. Since 2016 begins a new rules cycle, Welcome Packet mailings will not begin until early to mid-July and then, on a first registered, first mailed basis.

    Associate PAVO members:

    Associate PAVO members are eligible for certification as a line judge and/or scorer, and pay $35 to PAVO plus PAVO Affiliated Board dues. Associate members will not receive an NCAA Welcome Packet. NCAA rule books may be purchased at NCAA Publications and NCAA/PAVO Women’s Volleyball Officiating Manuals in the PAVO E-store. Since 2016 begins a new rules cycle, these publication will become available for purchase in early to mid-July.

    Exam - Referees

    The Form A/Form B exam for referees can only be accessed by clicking on the Central Hub TESTING Tab. A score of at least 90% by September 1 is required for anyone wishing to be considered for Division I, II or III postseason and may also be required by your coordinator/assignor. If a score of 90% or better is not obtained on Form A, Form B may be taken.  Although the Form A/Form B exam will be available online until October 1, only referees who take the exam and score at least 90% by September 1 will be considered for NCAA postseason assignment.  

    The information and features that will be on the Central Hub will have a positive impact on your officiating skills if accessed regularly and with diligence.

    NCAA Women's Volleyball

  • 11/17/2015

    Please click here to read NCAA Sports Wagering Policy, a memorandum from Mark Lewis, Executive Vice President, Championships and Alliances, and Dan Calandro, Director, Championships and Alliances.

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