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  • 10/25/2018

    Please click the link to view 2018 CRS Technique Reminders.

  • 10/25/2018

    The first Volleycast is now available.  Officials who wish to be considered for postseason assignment must view 2018 Volleycast #1 - CRS Signals and Protocol (Eligibility Requirement) no later than October 31 at 11:59pm Eastern Time.
    After clicking the link below, please read ABOUT REQUIRED VIDEOS before continuing to the video.  
  • 9/11/2018

    The Challenge Review System (CRS) - Data Collection System is live on the PAVO website. Data which is collected on the 2018 CRS - Data Collection Form during 2018 CRS matches may be input using the web address (URL) provided at the bottom of that form. The Data Collection Form is available from both the Central Hub and the Rules and Tools tab on the PAVO website.  Related instruction forms are also available on the PAVO website from the link above.

    Steve Thorpe
    NCAA National Coordinator of Volleyball Officials

  • 10/18/2017

    The "Non-Eligibility" version of Volleycast 1 is now available under the VIDEOS Tab.  Viewing this version of the video will not give you credit in Eligibility.
  • 10/16/2017

    The first Volleycast deadline has been extended.  Officials who wish to be considered for postseason assignment must view 2017 NCAA Volleyball - Volleycast 1 (Eligibility Requirement).  The new deadline to view the Volleycast is October 17 at 11:59pm Eastern Time.
    After clicking the link below, please read ABOUT REQUIRED VIDEOS before continuing to the video.  
  • 9/25/2017

    The 2017 First and Second Referees' CRS Checklist has been updated to reflect more accurately the information disseminated in the pre-season clinics.  Click here for the updated checklist.  

    The 2017 Data CRS Data Collection Form was revised recently to include identifying the referees' original decision.  Click here for that form.

    Additionally, PAVO and NCAA have produced two instruction guides for CRS data submission.

    The 2017 CRS Data Collection Form Instructions is a step-by-step guide for Assistant Scorers, or whomever else is assigned to record this data during a challenge.  Click here to see these instructions.

    The 2017 CRS Data Submission Instructions guides the second referee, or whomever else is assigned, to accurately enter the CRS data post-match online via the PAVO website.  Click here to see these instructions. 

    Thank you to PAVO for their hard work in building and maintaining this important data collection process.

    Keep up the great work you are doing!

    Steve Thorpe
    NCAA Volleyball National Coordinator of Officials

  • 7/25/2017

    Congratulations to Michael Blalock, Norma Carr, Donna Carter and Ken Taylor who have been selected as NCAA Women’s Volleyball Regional Advisors for the 2017 season!  These four individuals will provide assistance to Steve Thorpe, NCAA National Coordinator of Volleyball Officials. Regional advisor responsibilities include regular season and postseason evaluation of officials. Michael, Norma, Donna and Ken bring a significant amount of experience and expertise to the volleyball officiating program and we look forward to a successful 2017 season.

  • 5/1/2017

    As you prepare for fall, registration on the NCAA Central Hub is a perfect start and a necessary commitment to a good season. To demonstrate our commitment to you, we will continue to update the “Pregame” Central Hub to help you develop the knowledge and skills needed for top-notch officiating.

    Your “pre-game” responsibilities start with registration, clinic attendance, and completion of the exam. You are encouraged to visit the Central Hub regularly to access the latest news in volleyball officiating.

    As always, we welcome your suggestions, new ideas, and any thoughts you may have to make this site even better. Thanks again for your commitment to the institutions, coaches, players, and to officiating, your crew, and the game itself.

    Now let’s get started…

    The NCAA Volleyball Officiating Program is approaching its seventh year. The National Coordinator, Secretary-Rules Editor, Regional Advisors and PAVO help to develop the Central Hub website, which includes vital information for anyone who officiates volleyball matches using NCAA rules. The Central Hub will continue to be the only source for the NCAA/PAVO Form A/B Annual Examination, the NCAA rules interpretations, the National Coordinator Messages, the Line Judge Corner and other new and timely training tools. The NCAA/PAVO Clinics are imperative to your preparation for the upcoming season. The coaches and athletes spend a great deal of time preparing for their season. You must take the time to fulfill your professional obligations and your pre-season responsibilities, as well.

    If you are not a PAVO member:

    On the Central Hub, click REGISTRATION, and then click "Non-PAVO Officials."

    Complete your registration and submit your registration fee. The registration fee has increased for the first time in three years and is now $175 for all three divisions.

    If you are a PAVO member:

    · Pay your PAVO dues in the PAVO E-Store; the amount collected will include your annual NCAA/ArbiterSports registration fee.

    · After paying your PAVO dues, you will be prompted to go to the NCAA Volleyball Central Hub, where you will complete NCAA registration. Note that your link from the PAVO site to the Central Hub is uniquely constructed for your account. Please assure that your Arbiter login is accurately reflected and that you DO NOT share your Arbiter link with any other members.

    · You can always access the Central Hub later to make edits to your registration information, using the link in the “My Ref Kit” tab on the PAVO home page.

    It is also important to note that paying your PAVO dues and completing your NCAA Volleyball Officials' registration are two separate steps.

    PAVO Membership:

    All PAVO members join the organization through a local association, called a PAVO Affiliated Board.  There are over 90 Affiliated Boards across the United States. 

    Standard PAVO members:

    Standard PAVO members are eligible for certification as a referee, line judge, and/or scorer, and pay $165 to PAVO/NCAA plus PAVO Affiliated Board dues. Standard members, who pay PAVO dues and complete the NCAA registration, will receive a new current NCAA Women’s Volleyball Rules and Interpretations book. ArbiterSports will mail your new rule book within 3-5 business days of the completion of the Central Hub registration process.

    Associate PAVO members:

    Associate PAVO members are eligible for certification as a line judge and/or scorer, and pay $70 to PAVO plus PAVO Affiliated Board dues. Associate members do not receive an NCAA Welcome Packet, but may purchase the current NCAA Women’s Volleyball Rules and Interpretations book at NCAA Publications. An additional training and education tool available for purchase in the PAVO E-store. Since 2017 is a non-rule change year, these publications are available for immediate purchase.

    Exam - Referees

    The Form A/Form B exam for referees can only be accessed by clicking on the Central Hub TESTING Tab. A score of at least 90% by September 1 is required for anyone wishing to be considered for Division I, II or III postseason and may also be required by your coordinator/assignor. If a score of 90% or better is not obtained on Form A, Form B may be taken. Although the Form A/Form B exam will be available online until October 1, only referees who take the exam and score at least 90% by September 1 will be considered for NCAA postseason assignment.  

    Background Check Pilot Program

    *New for the 2017 season

    NCAA Women’s Volleyball has been added to the NCAA officiating background check pilot program beginning this year. For Division I referees and line judges, Division II referees and DIII referees, only officials who consent to and satisfy the background check will be considered for selection to work the NCAA championships. Additional information regarding this program is provided during the registration process.

    The information and features that will be on the Central Hub will have a positive impact on your officiating skills if accessed regularly and with diligence.

    NCAA Women's Volleyball

  • 5/1/2017

    Welcome to the 2017 NCAA Central Hub!  As your new NCAA National Coordinator of Officials, I am happy in two regards.  First, I am happy that you are here!  You are an amazing group of dedicated, hard-working professional officials.  That dedication is not only to the game we love, the ever-exciting, still-growing game of volleyball, but also to each other.  This brings me to the second reason I am happy.  I am very happy to be your new coordinator of officials.  Our community is my second family, and I look forward to seeing as many of you as I can out on the court during the season.

    Besides to you, my “thank you” goes out to those National Coordinators before me, Joan Powell and Anne Pufahl.  Both have been mentors, bosses, partners and co-workers of mine at various times in my refereeing career.  They have left me with huge shoes to fill, but with a great path to the future.  I thank them both for their leadership and their friendship.

    You may be asking, “Why is the National Coordinator putting a message on the Central Hub so long before the season starts?”  Of course, I wanted to introduce myself.  If you don’t know me, a bio can be found in a link in my appointment announcement here on the Central Hub.  Additionally, I wanted to give you a sense early on of some of my basic philosophy.

    Many of you know that in my “other” life, I am a professional pilot.  I bring aspects of that vocation to my work on the volleyball court, and vice versa.  One aspect easily transferrable from the cockpit to the court is the preparation required to excel.  Pilots find out early on in their training if flying is for them.  Progressing from Private Pilot through the Commercial, Instrument, Instructor and finally to Airline Transport Pilot, a pilot is trained, evaluated and tested to determine both aptitude and attitude.  Sound familiar?  Then, upon attaining their “dream job”, it is time to rest on their laurels, bask in the glow of their position, and cruise through the rest of their career, right?  I hope not!  Yes, there are minimum standards to maintain both a pilot’s license and job, but is that really excelling? Is that the type of pilot you want at the controls with you and your family in the back?

    Dr. Tony Kern, an aviation safety mentor to many once wrote, “Readiness is far more than showing up on time; it is preparing for optimum performance against the day where you have to be at your very best just to survive.” Whew.  Heady stuff!  In aviation, survival is the certainty that I will always be at my best to guarantee that the successful outcome of each flight is never in doubt.  Stephen Covey calls it “Sharpening the Saw”.  If you are not getting better, you are falling behind!  In the volleyball world, a mentor of mine said to our class of new USAV Junior National Referees, “Now, don’t let this be the best you’ll ever be!”  I’ve tried, Marcia!

    Do you prepare for optimum performance in each match?  Do you work hard to get a little bit better each season, or even each match?  I would bet most of you do!  The fact that you are here is one testament to that fact.  I would urge you to return regularly.  That there are resources here to help you in your preparation is a testament to the NCAA/PAVO partnership. The PAVO Camp Program, NRT and other certification opportunities, RefSchool, iREF and NCAA/PAVO Exams and Clinics are just some of the ways this partnership facilitates your “saw sharpening”.

    So, please take some time this summer, before even the pre-season gets started, to prepare to excel.  Make use of the resources I mentioned to get ready for the season, and you will go a long way in preparing for optimum performance during every match.

    Have a great summer!

    Steve Thorpe
    NCAA National Coordinator of Officials

    PAVO Welcome

    It is truly a pleasure to welcome you all to a new membership year (PAVO and Central Hub) and a new season of collegiate volleyball. As was mentioned in a very recent PAVO member update, the world of volleyball officiating continues its metamorphosis and PAVO continues to work hard to steer through the many changes, while continuing its mission to tirelessly advocate for PAVO member officials as several significant transformations occur.

    PAVO leadership is thrilled to welcome Mr. Steve Thorpe as the next NCAA National Coordinator of Officials for this great sport! The door of collaboration remains wide open between our respective organizations.

    While the NCAA Central Hub remains THE  resource for the NCAA/PAVO examination, VolleyCasts, National Coordinator messages, NCAA Rules Interpretation newsletters, and any other communications developed by the NCAA staff, National Coordinator, or Secretary-Rules Editor, PAVO and its website ( remains YOUR resource for the additional training and educational tools that Steve has already mentioned.

    Katrina Meyer, Executive Director
    Professional Association of Volleyball Officials (PAVO)

  • 5/1/2017

    The ArbiterMobile app is now available at no cost to NCAA registered officials. Please complete this season's PAVO or Non-PAVO officials' registration, and then click here to read ArbiterMobile FAQs.

  • 3/10/2017

    We are excited to announce that Steve Thorpe has been named the NCAA National Coordinator of Volleyball Officials.  Please visit the story here.

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