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  • 5/5/2014

    2014 Welcome, Registration, Membership

    Welcome to the NCAA Volleyball Officiating Central Hub dedicated entirely to volleyball officials.

    As you prepare for this fall, registration on the NCAA hub is a perfect start and a necessary commitment to a good season.  To demonstrate our commitment to you we will continue to update the “Pregame” Central Hub to help you develop the knowledge and skills needed for top-notch officiating.  Remember your “pre-game” responsibilities start with registration, clinic attendance, and completion of the exam.  You are encouraged to visit the Hub regularly to access the latest in volleyball officiating.

    As always, we welcome your suggestions, new ideas, and any thoughts you may have to make this site even better.

    Thanks again for your commitment to the institutions, coaches, players, and to officiating, your crew, and the game itself.

    Now let’s get started…

    The NCAA Volleyball Officiating Program (VOP) is approaching its fourth year.  The National Coordinator, Secretary-Rules Editor, Regional Advisors and PAVO help to develop the Central Hub website, which includes vital information for anyone who officiates volleyball matches using NCAA rules.  The Central Hub will continue to be the only source for the NCAA/PAVO Form A/B Annual Examination, the NCAA rules interpretations, the National Coordinator Messages, and other new and timely training tools. The NCAA/PAVO clinics are imperative to your preparation for the upcoming season.  The coaches and athletes spend a great deal of time preparing for their season.  You must take the time to fulfill your professional obligations and your pre-season responsibilities, as well.

    Registration for the 2014 season will open May 1, 2014.

    For those whose PAVO board opts for online dues payment:

    • Go to the PAVO website and complete the online dues payment process in the PAVO E-Store.
    • After paying your PAVO dues, you will be prompted to go to the NCAA Volleyball Central Hub.
    • If your current-year PAVO dues have been received in the PAVO Central Office, you will be permitted to complete NCAA Volleyball Officials' registration at no additional cost.
    • Paying your PAVO dues and completing your NCAA Volleyball Officials' registration are two separate steps.
    • If, for some reason, you do not complete your NCAA Volleyball Officials' registration when you pay your PAVO dues, you will be able to go back and complete that step later.

    For those who are not paying dues online:

    • If your board chair opts for payments directly to your local board, write a check for your dues, give it to your board chair or their designee. 
    • Once your board chair submits your dues to the PAVO Central Office, you will receive an email with a link to the NCAA Central Hub. 
    • Complete your NCAA Volleyball Officials' registration.  You will not have access to the Central Hub until you complete your NCAA Central Hub registration.
    • You will also receive a link to the PAVO waivers and Conditions of Membership.  Your dues will not be processed until you indicate agreement to these documents. 

    If you are not a member of PAVO:

    • On the Central Hub, click REGISTRATION.
    • Complete your registration and submit your $100 fee.

    Standard PAVO members:

    “Standard” PAVO members are eligible for certification as a referee, and pay $110 to PAVO/NCAA plus local board dues.  Standard members who pay PAVO dues (either online or by check) and complete the NCAA registration, will receive the NCAA “Welcome Packet” that includes the NCAA Volleyball 2014-2015 Rules and Interpretations book, special vendor discount offers, and the 2014-15 NCAA/PAVO Women's Volleyball Officiating Manual.  The “Welcome Packets” will be shipped directly to each standard member. Members will receive an email from informing them of the ship date of their Welcome Packet. 

    Associate PAVO members:

    “Associate” PAVO members are eligible for certification as a line judge or scorer, and pay $20 to PAVO plus local board dues.  Associate members who register on the NCAA Central Hub will have full access to all Central Hub features.  However, associate members will not receive a “Welcome Packet,” but may purchase NCAA rule books from the NCAA website, and the NCAA/PAVO Officiating Manual from the PAVO E-store.

    Check the Official Word newsletter for more information.

    The FormA/FormB exam for referees can be accessed by clicking on the Central Hub TESTING Tab.  A score of 90% or better by September 1 is required for anyone wishing to be considered for Division I, II or III postseason and may be required by your coordinator/assignor.  The Form A/Form B exam will be available online from July 15 to October 1.  Although the Form A/Form B exam is available from July 15 to October 1, please note that anyone interested in NCAA postseason assignments must submit their score by the September 1 deadline.  More information regarding mandatory viewing of the VolleyCasts (the latest postseason requirement) will be available soon. 

    The information and features that will be on the Central Hub will have a positive impact on your officiating skills if accessed regularly and with diligence.

    Joan Powell
    NCAA National Coordinator of Volleyball Officials

  • 11/4/2013

    Please click here to read the Pre-Match Warm Up Memorandum.

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